The Behaviors

The Behaviors modify how our Signs will respond in our relationships. By learning people's 3 Behavior types (Sensitive, Expressive, or Thinking), we can understand how they process their interactions - The Sensitive Signs keep their feelings inside, they Feel the world more and they take things personal. The Expressive Signs have the gift of words and communication, they tune into the interactions that they are a part of and they can Express themselves easier than the other Signs. The Thinking Signs are more concerned with future events; they deal with situations in an objective manner.

The descriptions listed below for the Behaviors are not meant to be inclusive of all the Traits of each Sign, but more so an attempt to get down to the basic foundation of each Sign; the characteristics that are purer for that Sign.

The Sensitive Signs
The first 4 Signs of the Zodiac have the Sensitive Behaviors. They sense their world through the energy of their Element. Aries and Gemini are the Active Sensitive Signs that need to get out and sense the environment in order to feel fulfilled. Taurus and Cancer are Sensitive because of their Reactive natures, so they will usually be more affected by the Behaviors of others.

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The Expressive Signs

These Signs live for the Present, "the moment is theirs." They are the communicators and their Behaviors are about Expressing themselves. The Active Signs, Leo and Libra, are the strongest communicators and also the most outgoing of all the Signs. They are more competitive, egotistic, and verbal than the other Behavior types. The Reactive Signs, Virgo and Scorpio, can't express themselves as freely as the other two because they are preoccupied, inwardly aware of how others are acting towards them. A lot of their communicating is going on inside of themselves.

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The Thinking Signs:

These Signs are concerned with the future; they desire to keep the world moving towards a better tomorrow. They are the intellectuals of the world, using their intellect to look at a problem to find a solution. They have the ability to expand the work that others begin; they are the CEO's, the scientists, and the philosophers of the world. The Active Signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius, are more concerned with outward, community-type ideals. They use their energy to show us how societies can be improved. The Reactive Signs, Capricorn and Pisces, are more concerned with how they can make life better for people on a social level.

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